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Welcome To Bellevue Center for Wellness and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The average human body absorbs over 432 liters of oxygen each day when active and approximately 352 liters when at rest. The green leafy plants of our world provide this vital elemental molecule, and we need it to deliver nutrients to cells for proper circulation and to promote proper tissue function. Oxygen aerates the blood, making it more mobile. It is also a necessary accelerant for use in the cellular metabolization of food. That is why Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has proven to be an effective supplemental treatment for all manner of illness and injury.

Here at Bellevue Wellness and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Nashville, TN, we have developed our signature oxygen therapy facility as a complement to our leading set of holistic treatments to provide the accelerated healing properties this treatment has been proven to deliver to all of our patients.

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Kirk Jones is thorough, friendly, and offers a variety of services. I'd recommend him to anyone who just needs an adjustment or someone who needs consistent care. I've been seeing him mainly for tension associated with my migraines and he's helped me tremendously.

Breann P.

Wonderful experiences here. I have been here several times and have always been adjusted very well. My first adjustment several years ago was when I threw out my lower back; it was fixed efficiently and effectively. He takes a holistic approach which is refreshing. Highly recommended.


I have epilepsy and decided to try hyperbaric oxygen therapy with Kirk Jones. The results were far greater than expected. There's this "depression" period epileptics can sometimes experience for weeks after a seizure. You just don't feel like yourself. I found that the hyperbaric treatment pretty much eliminated the depression, as well as, irritability and sent me on the road to recovery much faster. I would definitely suggest epileptics give it a try after a seizure or possibly anyone suffering from depression. I was pleasantly surprised at my positive disposition and outlook. I love the holistic approach. Kirk Jones and his staff are simply amazing...super kind, patient and thought-leaders. 10 stars!!! That's right...double:)

Angela C.

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