Wonderful experiences here. I have been here several times and have always been adjusted very well. My first adjustment several years ago was when I threw out my lower back; it was fixed efficiently and effectively. He takes a holistic approach which is refreshing. Highly recommended.
– Lumens

I went yesterday for my first appointment. Everyone was awesome. I felt comfortable and in good hands. My back felt better right after I left and today it’s feeling even better. Thank you for a wonderful experience!!
– Britt Wise

Great first visit. Lots of information and education, doc worked me in same day!
– Jessica Torres

Kirk Jones is the best on this planet! I’ve been to many over the years and Bellevue Center for Wellness and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy will fix you up…
– Stacey Rucker

Doc Jones is great! He’s got lots of knowledge and offers great advice along with whatever adjustments needed.
– Joyce Dierschke

Kirk Jones has been treating my neck since he came to Nashville. If not for his expertise, I would still be taking pain meds. I haven’t needed one in ages.
– Linda Reiff

Kirk Jones and his staff are friendly and knowledgeable. He listened to my list of complaints, made adjustments, and I feel great. He even offered advice to increase my overall well-being and didn’t try to sell me some long term treatment program.
– Lee Doyle

Kirk Jones is terrific! Very personal and specific to patients needs
– Stacy Wright

I would like to thank Kirk Jones for the treatment I have received. I was in a lot of pain before I came to see him. Now I am feeling ten times better than before. He is a really good doctor and he really cares for his patients. So, again I thank you Kirk Jones!
– Crystal Prince, 2-3-2015

The Infrared Chi Table is awesome. I am feeling warm and it stayed with me. It was very grounding and therapeutic! I definitely want to keep that going! It helped me stay present and relaxed!
– Chandelle Binns, 2-24-2015