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Infrared Therapy

(NaturalNews) You have probably enjoyed the soothing, therapeutic benefits of infrared heat without even knowing it. How is that, you ask? Well, if you`ve ever stepped outside on a sun soaked, warm day, then you have experienced some of nature`s best infrared heat therapy. If you’ve ever used a hot pack to warm up a sore muscle before exercise or a sporting event, then you know that heat can increase blood flow and reduce muscle stiffness. Infrared heat is a form of energy that allows you to heat your body more effectively and penetrate more deeply than other types of heat. Because the method is much more direct and efficient, it is thought to be a superior pain relief method to conventional heat.

Infrared heat has only recently been discovered to have potential health benefits beyond just a relaxing pastime that is used in spas and gyms across the world. Although some refute this as being just as good as regular heat, there are many who say they notice the difference.

Athletes have been known to use this type of heat to relieve aches, pains and strains, and also to help move along the healing process because it is believed to help make circulation more efficient. As you may know, wounds heal faster with better circulation, and this is also true of muscle and tissue trauma.

Claims have also been made that radiant heat therapy may benefit cancer patients, those with cardiac health problems, stress and anxiety reduction, and even cellulite and skin improvement, which appeals to those with health and appearance interests.

Radiant heat has also shown to be quite beneficial to those with arthritis, providing short term pain relief with no adverse side effects, and providing stimulation to the circulatory system that they can`t otherwise experience because of their physical limitations.

What are the benefits of Far Infrared Heat Therapy?

The human body is composed of 90% water. FAR infrared rays cause resonance in water molecules, activating them and ionizing them. Because of this effect, FAR Infrared Heat Therapy offers a variety of proven health and beauty benefits. FAR Infrared Heat Therapy effectively helps to increase blood circulation without putting strain on your heart and increases the levels of oxygen and white blood cells in your blood. It also stimulates the production of collagen (a building block for human tissue) in your body and helps to rid your body of toxins by causing you to perspire. You get the benefit of a stronger immune system, better cardiovascular health, and a faster ability to heal from soft tissue injuries such as tears, pulls, and sprains. Believe it or not, FAR Infrared Heat Therapy also serves as an effective way to help cure hangovers. The penetrating heat of FAR Infrared Heat Therapy can be used as a beauty treatment as well. It reduces the appearance of crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles. In addition to helping heal scars, wounds, and cuts, it also smooth’s your skin’s texture, lessens coarseness, and reduces pore size. FAR Infrared Heat Therapy penetrates deep into soft tissue, making it an ideal source of arthritis pain relief. Athletes and the elderly will benefit from an effective means of loosening sore muscles and stiff joints without the use of ointments or creams that can burn and have an unpleasant odor. Those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and Parkinson’s Disease can enjoy an easy to use form of pain relief. In addition to making you perspire and removing toxins from your body, FAR Infrared Heat Therapy serves as a means of weight loss and cellulite reduction for those who cannot exercise due to health concerns or mobility issues.

Some uses to include:

  • FAR Infrared therapy increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to damaged tissues (aiding reduction of chronic joint and muscle pain or sport injuries), promotes relaxation and comfort, induces sleep and relieves stress.
  • German medical researchers concluded one session of FAR Infrared Therapy for over 1 hour can have significant reduction of blood pressure thanks to a persistent peripheral vessels dilation. They also noted that blood viscosity was improved. After 1 hour of FAR infrared radiance, there is a significant decrease of blood pressure – cardiac ejection resistance – total peripheral resistance – and significant increase of heart rate, stroke volume, cardiac output, and ejection fraction.
  • Artificial Body Parts: “The FIR Hothouse dome feels wonderful on an artificial hip … it is so comforting. When pins or metal have been inserted, it does not harm, as it doesn’t get over 98 degrees. Keeping it at that constant temperature doesn’t make the body go up and doesn’t make it go down. If a person is recovering from a break and has metal pins in the body, the Far Infrared Hothouse is very soothing to them.” – D. Sudweeks, Pleasant Grove, Utah, January 27th, 1999.
  • Pneumonia: C. Dunson, a Lymphologist in Utah reported that within 15 minutes of a client being treated with the FIR Hothouse and lymphology therapy, their pneumonia was cleared. Far Infrared therapy in both Japan and China has proven to be outstanding for asthma, bronchitis, colds, flu, sinusitis and congestion as it clears inflammation, swelling and mucous clogged passages, as testified to in Dr. Kyuo’s book “Below”.
  • “One of the fastest growing complaints in this country today, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) responds to (FIR) as well. CTS is caused by motion and trauma to the median nerve passing through the wrist. Assembly line workers are particularly prone to the problem. The standard medical treatment for CTS is still surgery, which has a dismal success rate of less than 10%. Dr. Wayne Good, the plant physician at General Motors Flint Assembly, has treated close to 600 patients (with FIR) and achieved positive results in over 70% of patients. He is in the process of submitting his results for publication as further studies continue.”
  • Cardiovascular Health: A 2009 paper by Dr. Richard Beever in the journal “Canadian Family Physician” reviewed research on infrared heat’s cardiovascular health benefits. Beever explains that five separate research studies indicate that the using infrared saunas can benefit those with coronary risk factors. The specific risk factors that benefited with infrared heat use included high cholesterol and hypertension. According to Beevers, one reason infrared heat may help cardiovascular health is the demand placed on your body to regulate the heat compares to the physical effort level of walking at a moderate pace.
  • Help Muscular Injuries: Infrared heat can also help you if you have a muscular injury. Increasing blood flow to you injured muscle helps increase healing. Physical therapist Tricia Trinque explains that in addition to heating deeper into your muscles, infrared heat also releases nitric oxide. Nitric oxide improves circulation and increases the oxygen and other nutrients coming to help heal the injured area. To treat a specific injury, such as a strained hamstring, with infrared heat a physical therapist would use an infrared light therapy device.
  • Help Wounds Heal: Another benefit to infrared heat is that it helps wounds heal more quickly. Trinque explains that increasing circulation and nitric oxide levels in the area around the wound speeds up the healing process. This is especially beneficial to those who have a difficult time healing, such as diabetics.
  • FIR and Healthy Arteries: When the normally smooth, firm lining of the arteries becomes thickened and roughened by deposits of fat, fibrin, calcium and cellular debris, it lessens the arteries ability to expand and contract, and slows the blood movement through narrowed channels. These conditions make it easier for blood clots to form, blocking the arteries and stopping blood flow completely. Far Infrared heat is able to neutralize blood toxicity and smooth the walls of arteries, capillaries and veins.

Therapeutic Effects of Far Infrared Heat – Chapter 9 of Therapeutic Heat and Cold, Fourth Edition, Editors Justus F. Lehmann, M.D., Williams, and Wilkin reports:

Far Infrared Heat Therapy does the following:

* Decreases joint stiffness. * Relieves muscle spasms. * Increases blood flow. * Leads to pain relief. * Affects soft tissue injury. * Increases the extensibility of collagen tissue. * Assists in resolution of inflammatory infiltrated, edema, and exudes.

The Far Infrared HotHouse Dome may be beneficial to you if you have problems with any of the following:

  • Acne
  • Asthma
  • Blood Pressure Problems
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Earaches
  • Eczema
  • Headaches
  • Muscle Pain
  • Weight Loss
  • Arthritis
  • Bed Sores
  • Chest Colds
  • Diabetes and Wound Healing
  • Fungal Infections
  • Gout
  • Knee Injuries
  • Rheumatism
  • Psoriasis

Far Infrared Rays also have the ability to penetrate and elevate the temperature of the subcutaneous layers of our bodies. FIR penetrates our bodies 4-5 centimeters into the dermis (middle layer of skin) and will increase the subcutaneous temperature to approximately 107 degrees Fahrenheit! These principles enable the expansion of blood capillaries, the stimulation of blood circulation, an increase in your metabolism between blood and tissue promotes tissue regeneration and reduces cramping. It also penetrates from the muscles into the blood vessels, lymphatic glands, and nerves. It also adjusts the autonomic nerve function and reduces the over stimulation of sensory nerves. Because of all these benefits, it is the perfect health builder in maintaining one’s general health. Read the customer testimonies about the benefits they have received from using the HotHouse Dome. The Far Infrared HotHouse Dome is listed as a Class One Device with the FDA as a Powered Heating Unit and approved by Health Canada as a Class 2 Medical Device.


Implementing a Safe and Natural Way to Achieve Good Health.

  • Relaxation
  • Renewing
  • Re-grounding

The FAR Infrared Chi Table Click here for PDF version

Thermal Energy: The Hothouse is a combination of thermal energy and FAR Infrared Rays (FIR), the Hothouse is a wonderfully warm and penetrating heat that goes deep into the skin, to help improve your blood circulation.

The Chi Machine

Motion Energy: The Chi Machine moves your entire body in a “S” shaped pattern, creating a resonance effect with all the bones and muscles in the body. A feeling of “CHI” or relaxation comes over the body while aligning your back to its correct position. Using the Chi Machine every day is equivalent to walking 10,000 steps per day.


Electric Energy: The E-Power uses electric energy along with high frequency negative potential energy, the E-Power creates a reverberation effect 70,000 times per second to help massage and revitalize the 60 trillion cells in our body.

Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer

Advanced ERE: The Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer (ERE), uses electric therapy to help your feet feel better and bring on a feeling of well-being . You can relax and revitalize your entire body while improving blood circulation with the ERE. Just 15-30 minutes per day is all you’ll need to feel better. You can also attach the electro-pads anywhere on your body to release your bands!

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